We specialize in the manufacturing of woven garments.

Who We Are

With nearly 40 years, we are a family run business specialising in woven bottoms. We have garnered a unique market niche by focusing on finite order quantities and on the minute details. Our unique operation is adept at catering for large style variations, smaller volumes, and most importantly, faster lead times. This expertise has come about by focusing on catalogue and later e-commerce businesses over the last 3 decades. We operate on the age -old adage "Quality, Not Quantity", resulting in a 0% return rate for our customers since our business began.


Azim & Son (Pvt.) Ltd.

Our 1st production facility, established in 1984.

Salman-Adnan (Pvt.) Ltd.

Our 2nd production facility, established in 1993.

Azim & Son (Pvt.) Ltd. Unit-2

Our 3rd production facility began production during the first quarter of 2009, and was established in 2010.

Washing Plant

The washing plant is attached to our Unit-2 production facility.





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Business Overview

You can download our business overview here