Basic Factory Information

Who Are We

Azim&Son are a family owned and operated garment operation based out of Dhaka Bangladesh, specializing in woven bottoms. We focus on the small, this implies the size of our order quantities as well as our focus on the minute details in the production process. Our unique operation is adept at catering for large style variations, smaller volumes and most importantly faster lead times. This expertise has come about by focusing on catalogue and later e-commerce businesses over the last 3 decades. We operate on the age-old adage quality not quantity, resulting in a 0% return rate for our customers since our business began.

Our Journey

  1.  Azim&Son began with 150 workers operating in 4 lines.

     First Shippment March 1984.

     Mr Ekram Shiblee was our first employee.

  2.  Our second factory Salman Adnam becomes operational in February.

     It was another 4 line unit.

     Total production capacity at the time was 8 lines.

  3.  First for the Otto Groups is received of 100,000pcs via Eurocentre.

  4.  We begin our first orders with Bonprix. This is a significant moment in our history as Bonprix would end up being our largest supplier currently accounting for around 80% of our overall business.

  5.  Our 3rd factory, Azim&Son Unit 2 comes into operation.

     The factory at the time came with a modern washing plant along with an ETP facility.

  6.  Rana Plaza incident takes place and accord compliance standards come into the market.

     Planned construction on our fourth factory is put on hold.

  7.  Azim&Son becomes the second factory in Bangladesh, to become completely cashless. It was the culmination of a 3 year project with world bank and IPA.

  8.  Washing plant extension is complete. 4 extra washing machines are added to our washing plant.

     Our first laser machine is added to extend dry process capacity.

     Construction of the structure which will house our finishing and cutting floors begin.

  9.  Implementation of our ERP solution is complete.

     Additional finishing capacity is added, in our state of the art finishing facility.

     Azim&Son Unit 1 achieves for green certification from Accord for Fire, Electric and Structure.

  10.  Planned line capacity increase from 9 to 12 lines at Azim&Son Unit 2.

Our Customers

Business Overview

You can download our business overview here