Our Community

Our business is not just about making garments, it is about creating shared value. It is based around the people who not just work for Azim&Son, but the community at large. We want to create economic value for our products in a way that also creates value by addressing the needs and challenges facing our local community and stakeholders. As a result we go above and beyond compliance and try to have a positive impact of the lives of our stakeholders, not just our employees.

Outside the general compliance requirements, such as day care facility for the staff, we at Azim&Son, go above and beyond compliance. When required we cover full medical cost of our employees and when needed make regular contributions to schools and colleges within the local area. Azim&Son have also, for a number of years, supported the Global Learning Initiative (GLI) in Bangladesh, whom have been playing an integral role in providing education to young slum children around the slum areas of major cities in Bangladesh.

Azim&Son also became the second factory to go cashless in Bangladesh. As of August 2017 all our employees are paid using bKash. bKash are the largest the mobile financial service provider in Bangladesh. The successful implementation of bKash came on as a result of the successful project completion with Innovations for Poverty Action (IPA), whom used Unit-2 to conduct research on the impact of financial inclusion and poverty.

Links to the wonderful work done by the Global Learning Initiative (GLI), Innovations for Poverty Action (IPA) and bKash can be found by clicking their logos below: