Azim&Son (Pvt.) Ltd. Unit-1

Azim&Son (Pvt) Ltd Unit-1

Azim&Son Unit-1 was our first production facility, set up in 1984. It was initially a 5 line set up, producing women’s blouses and shirts, with an initial workforce of 150 people. Over the years the factory has gone through several changes adapting to the standards and practices within the industry. Since the Mid 90s, the factory has been exclusively producing woven bottoms and now exclusively focuses on jeans.

Salman-Adnan (Pvt.) Ltd.

Salman-Adnan (Pvt) Ltd

Salman-Adnan, named after our chairman’s grandsons, was our second production unit, established in 1993. It began operation in the middle of that year. The factory was originally a 4 line set-up, however, over the years to stream line operations and to adapt to ever changing compliance requirements, our 4 lines were reduced 2, and that is where is stands today.

Azim&Son (Pvt.) Ltd. Unit-2

Azim&Son (Pvt) Ltd Unit-2

Currently operating with 9 lines, this is our largest production unit. Established in 2008, Unit-2 began production during the first quarter of 2009. Our washing plant and ETP facility is also attached to this facility. Although we focus primarily on woven bottom, we operate one line for denim jackets in this unit. A new state of the art finishing and cutting facility has been added to this facility and should be operational by the end of 2019.